Happy Wheels – Diet Plan – (Episode 1)

http://www.totaljerkface.com = link to the game, so yeah, the first in a series of Happy Wheels episodes, all done live and taken from my stream at http://www.justin.tv 🙂 ————————————————————————— TWITTER – twitter.com FACEBOOK – http://www.facebook.com RANTS & VLOGS – http://www.youtube.com LIVE STREAM – http://www.justin.tv MORE COMMENTARY – http://www.bit.ly BUSINESS EMAIL – azuritereactionbusiness@yahoo.com —————————————————————————

25 thoughts on “Happy Wheels – Diet Plan – (Episode 1)

  1. whaaat how do you grab stuff like you did in the beginning? and how do you rotate the old mans flying thingy? 😛 never knew you could do that!

  2. I think I seen you review Facade, then 6 months I later I play happy wheels and now I see you reviewing this

  3. I’M DYING. YOU HAVE KILLED ME. Oh fuck I shouldn’t have watched this during class my teacher got pissed cause I’m giggling so much.

  4. Let’s have some fun And you get a gun And you shoot it And then you fucking run From the cops Who’s gonna blow your ass Into outer space Gonna give you a taste Right in your face You got some glass all over the place Alright.. good day.. good night

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