25 thoughts on “AMIClubwear : Diet Tips Tricks and Tweaks with Megan

  1. haha I never need to make myself train becuse I just love it. But I think your training tips might help me stay focused at work a bit 😛

  2. @OoLaalaaaa both. You need energy before a workout so complex carbs and fruit. and then you need protein to help the muscles recover. 🙂

  3. Something to add onto the food cravings thing: If you’re intensely craving something salty, you may not want to ignore it all the time since your body might be telling you that you’re deficient in sodium. Don’t forget to intake a proper amount of sodium daily–if you don’t, you’re much more prone to post-workout (or during-workout) headaches while doing cardio.

    Thanks for the tips Megan!!

  4. Have you tried Zumba Megan? Haha since you mentioned you like going to the club etc 🙂 Zumba is superrrrrrrrrrrrr fun 🙂 I do it 6x a week and its always exciting for me 😀

  5. Love the video, thanks alot. I had a baby almost a year and a half ago and want to loose a little bit of extra baby weight (10-15 pounnds max). I will try this advice. Take care and hope all you ladies have a great week ahead of yourselves 🙂

  6. I wrote down your tips. They are so helfpul. I just hope I can push myself to follow and try harder.. I give in to alot of my cravings. So that tip you gave abt brushing omg im gonna have try and see if it works for me lol.. Thank you Megan.. 🙂 You look lovely and fit as always.. xxx

  7. I won’t lie, I was eating oreos while watching this… I think I’m gunna do a quick workout now. Lol!

  8. @OoLaalaaaa
    I’m not sure what you “should” do, but I know I can never eat before any kind of work out. Side aches and cramps.

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