Financial Predictions more updates with Barbara Goldsmith Are we really having Green Shoots? What is happening in the property markets? Are stock markets going to fail? What can you do if you are going bankrupt? Barbara Goldsmith gives her tips.

11 thoughts on “Financial Predictions more updates with Barbara Goldsmith

  1. True. Right now is the time to hoard as much gold and silver as you can, and wait for a few years (or a decade, who knows) until the metals get overvalued and real estate undervalued, at which time you should buy real estate for your metals. And then wait until real estate gets overvalued and metals undervalued, and then sell your real estate and buy metals. Repeat until the end of your days and teach this to your heirs. I highly recommend Maloney’s “Guide to Investing in Gold and Silver”!

  2. Oh, I get it know, you’re one of these conspiracy theorist. Well, here’s my 2 cents worth. Since you have all the bases covered with you’re predictions let me give you just one. Fortunes are only made a two times, market tops and market bottoms. That’s from W. Buffett. If the bears are so great in predictions, why did they miss the DOW low in March. You Tube is a contrarian indicator. “The few at the very top” give me a break. Name three people at the very top that are controling things. Can’t.

  3. We have such volatility in the markets that even most of the “experts” are having trouble predicting future events.
    I think we will probably see a mixture of: deflation, inflation, stagflation……….remember the few at the very top are controlling the whole show.

  4. The bears say the same thing, Hyperinflation. Have you ever heard of deflation ? If there is one thing bears haven’t learned is that all bull markets begin with DISBELIEF. And if this inflation you talk about is so obvious, you haven’t learned another market saying, ” If its obvious, its obviously wrong.”
    Doom sells. You Tube is the greatest indicator of what not to do. Name one site on You Tube that’s bullish ? Doesn’t that tell you something ?

  5. Goldman Sachs is short the S&P now till about 910 area. Waiting for the unemployment #s when either the market swings down further if a bad # or a last pop up till the final curtain in October.

  6. Sounds like extremely sound advice to me! I’m in no way an investor, but the looks of things are downright fearsome right now. It would be foolish to risk anything the way I see it. It’s certainly not a time of great economic optimism.

    Thank you!!

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