The Gadget Show: Coming up in episode 2, Series 11

Here’s Suzi with a sneak preview of what’s in the 2nd episode of the current series, Monday 16th March, 8pm on Five. For more videos, news and reviews go to

21 thoughts on “The Gadget Show: Coming up in episode 2, Series 11

  1. if you have a sony it makes a difference to having a ipod
    the earphones are also a major factor or the speakers are also a big factor

  2. It’s not the MP3 player that is bad, it’s the file! I have amazing quality out of mine with files that are 320kpbs! Files can also be very high but still sound scattery, different formatts always have a downside and mp3 is one of them.

  3. only if your using a bad mp3 like an ipod with bad sound and also terrible earphones. good sound quality comes in the form of a Sony, Archos or Cowon

  4. hey what happened to dallas?
    i hated his GUTS and i am soo glad they got rid of him, but why did they?

  5. the gadget show needs a new gimmick,
    and needs to loose the old man with the annoying accent , rofl

  6. Oh… dear its the same every week either cameras or sound related…what about transport like testing go karts, or paintball guns or looking at computer tech??

  7. CD all the way. It has a uniqueness about it that sounds warmly. MP3 can sound scattery, not good for loud sound.

  8. Gadget Show are a bunch of iPod/IPhone jockeys!!
    the way they made the iPod look so original…. as long as sony and philips exist in the mp3 player marker (and they did before apple) … iPod’s nothing special

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