25 thoughts on “The Cabbage Soup Diet

  1. Woman: I did this diet and it didn’t work!
    Me: Did you workout?
    Woman: No.
    Me: Well you are stupid. You’re not going to lose weight by eating less or healthier. All that does is keep more weight from coming on. You need to WORK OUT if you wanna LOSE. Stop being a bitch and do it.

  2. i tried this… what a bad experience! lol…. i thought it wouldn’t be so bad in the beginning… because i just thought “oh well its just cabbage soup… i can totally do this” haha well nope! i lasted 3 days.. and i was totally done with it! i couldn’t stand the smell or the taste of it anymore! overall i lost 2 pounds in those 3 days! lol

  3. Cabbage Soup yuck. how do you loss weight throw it all up after eating this ? vegtables are gay enough.

  4. I just got done doing this yesterday. Had nothing to eat but the cabbage soup and thats it for the whole week. That an water. No other foods. By day 5 I pretty much just starved myself until the diet was over but I made it. Lost 10 lbs. It puts you in a very good state of mind that you accomplished something very very hard an I think the horibble tasting food an the wait is worth that achievement.

  5. hi Ashely, after the 7-day diet, did your weight stay that low when you went back to your normal eating style?

    i’m just curious to see if this is just a temporary weight loss or permanent.

    thanks =]

  6. If you mix this diet with the right amount of excersise and enough rest it should be much better. *better during the holidays so you don’t let it intterupt with work/school work*

  7. I’m in teh middle of the diet and i’m not really losing alot of wieght like 3 pounds but not liek permandently

  8. I find the hardest thing for me when dieting is getting enough nutrition. Smaller portions work, but Iā€™m left hungry and less food= less nutrition. I use nutritional supplements now and eat healthy, full meals.I got started at ryansnutrition com and have my appetite under control.

  9. @jlbodah lol, how does this video inspire you to try the cabbage soup diet? lol it sounds horrible…she did lose weight tho šŸ™‚ haha

  10. My moms been doing this diet as well as exercising and has lost 17 lbs this month!! I’m starting tomorrow!!

  11. Shes right the soup tastes like horse shit and the headaches are unbareable…. And once you start eating normally again the weight piles back on double the amount youve lost dont touture urself with this just dont eat after 6!!!

  12. Your like the dopest girl ever.
    So cute, and pure postive vibes come from you.
    Loved the way you let us into the days you did it and weighed yourself.
    Veeeeery much apperciated it.
    With that said…You have given me motivation&inspiration to do the daaaamn thang.
    You loooked great on day 7 (as well as the other days).
    It’s funny, cause when I first seen you I was like “whaaat weight is she talking about excatly” loool.
    But now I get it…experiments are always interesting.
    Thaaanks again!!

  13. hey i do this diet a few times a year and its really good and effective but i also do intenese workouts also……your headaches and nausea were caused by coming off caffine and sugar cold turkey! i find it very easy because i dont drink caffine or have sugar on a daily basis……dont get me wrong im no health freak i just dont like the buzz off of caffine and i do like sugary sweets from time to time but i can take it or leave it…… id advise ppl to come off caffine n sugar gradualy šŸ™‚

  14. I did the cabbage soup diet for about three weeks and I lost 8 pounds by the end of it. I’d say the results here are realistic. I did not exercise during that time and I didn’t cheat. I admit it was hard towards the middle. I got tired of eating it. Then I got used to it again, so going back to a regular diet was weird at first. I had to relearn how to plan meals because for almost a month I always know what was for lunch and dinner.

  15. not to mention since its short term, ur body will gain back the 1-2 legitament lbs u may have lost within a few days of going back to a normal diet.

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