St. Peter’s Place a “Model for Nation”

“St. Peter’s is of national significance because it demonstrates, when a community works together, we can produce a result that meets the needs of people,” said House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi. What started out as a misty day, brightened with the opening of St. Peter’s Place where residents were greeted by well-wishers including Leader Nancy Pelosi, Mayor Edwin Lee and Supervisor Eric Mar. Where the former St. Peter’s sanctuary stood, damaged by the Loma Prieta earthquake, are now 19 cheerful, sustainably built affordable apartments for adults with developmental disabilities. Through a partnership between the Bernal Heights Neighborhood Center (BHNC) and St. Peter’s Episcopal Church, St. Peters Place was designed specifically for disabled residents — it is fully accessible and adaptable. Bay Area LISC is proud to have assisted the early predevelopment work in conceptualizing the design with a 000 recoverable grant and 5000 Green Connections loan. “Collaboration amongst different funding sources on all sorts of levels really brought this together — from large-scale HUD federal 811 programs to state MHP programs to local funding and also from LISC. Without these sorts of programs, we wouldn’t be able to have this for the community,” said Sigmund Ting, Project Manager at BHNC. This was the first funding Bernal Heights Neighborhood Center received for the project which helped get the project jump started and leveraged additional funding.

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