Miracle Beer Diet

Lose weight with this amazing new diet plan! (“What’s my secret? I drink beer!”)

25 thoughts on “Miracle Beer Diet

  1. wow ummmmm, after you attacking that beer like that at the end, i really want u to blow me

  2. any normal person can drink more than 12 beers (18 lights) in a few hours. if you cant, your a light weight.

  3. Wooow im not listening what shes saying im just concentrating in seeing trough her underwear

  4. hey how r u .. hope your doing great , recently i’m making videos about time management and how to be powerful in managing time.. anyways it occured to me that maybe i could get your feedback on your current lifestyle and if you did manage ur time would it make a difference. hoping to here from you soon.. don’t forget to see the featured video so you can know what i am talking about .. chat with you soon bye 🙂

  5. kltiswhoib,

    yes that is right,,,
    thank kittis,,,
    beer / wine cannot allowed to drive the vehicle because of DUI,,,
    water is the best and can drive the vehicle

  6. @bestamerica You were correct about the water, but all of that other stuff is as bad as beer or worse.

  7. nah nah,,,
    beer is not lose weight,,,
    beer can cause add FAT BELLY,,,
    best to drink the water, fruit juice, sobe, monster energy soda pop

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