Peak Oil: Telling Children

Video. Telling children early about the impacts of Peak Oil will make adjusting to it much easier when they get older. World oil supply high demand solar how to alternative fuels global warming Peak Oil crisis understanding explaining peakoil petroleum future apocalypse end crash energy inflation gas gasoline prices unemployment fuel finance resource wars middle east war military kunstler heinberg martenson simmons save money powerdown howto Vlog preparing for peak oil solar heating array inverter homestead survival supplies sustainable living permaculture crops tips ideas tools protect family cut

20 thoughts on “Peak Oil: Telling Children

  1. true peak oil beleiver wouldn’t have kids, but the video poster is way ahead of the average person nonetheless.

  2. Electric cars will be able to pick up the slack. Space based solar power could meet the needs of the world.

  3. Tell ‘m that they might have to debate which is the BEST source of clean energy, because “we” still haven’t figured it out.
    My guess (for FF’s replacement) is either 50,000 sq miles of solar PV (which would HAVE to be mined, robotically made, distributed AND installed by same giant oil company like business in order to reduce costs by MANY factors)
    LFTR, the safest (and thorium) fission…
    All other RE (to date) simply can not replace this great oil economy, Wind energy, well, barely..

  4. Sound advice. I would also advise taking your children with you to the grocery store. Show them the different types of food in the store, e.g., the kind of processed food found in the innder aisles versus the green produce and organic food found in the outer aisles. Explain to your children what kinds of food are good to eat versus what kinds of food are not good to eat. Very important in teaching the next generation of humans.

  5. Not that im complaining about the standard of living that we all enjoy these days, but if you think about it, the standard of living was really good even in the 50s and 60s other then the medical comunity wish of course is better today. Most of the time the standard of living is going up because we are told that to be happy you need more stuff or bigger better stuff. That cant go on forever.

  6. I’m not sure if U R doing your kids a favor by reinforcing the “standard of living”. manipulation. Particularly as U R telling them to expect less. Not that I have any suggestions as to how to do things better, in that regard.

  7. @Helioforge I know your comment to be true …absolutely …thank-you for sharing your astute insight with this huge youtube audience …the businesses that are the driving force here are the ones that call themselves recyclers …ie the companies that have lobbied and obtained municipal contracts to curbside recycle city wide and we as citizen of these communities are compelled to donate highly valuable post consumer commodities and pay the tax dollars required pay for these contracts
    TY again

  8. @superbob2 Thats a point , 80 hours/week…, that many foreigners(3rd world) should know before coming to the USA. It is expensive to live here and they will be working the hours just to survive. They think that everyone here is rich and live like the people on TV.The foreigners(3rd world) are even more detached about energy constraints. Many of them think about becoming rich. It aint going to happen as peak oil is going to increasingly put the economy into reverse.Reality is not always pleasant

  9. Industry wants us to use resources once, and recycle it to their inventory for free, to process and sell back, over and over. Keep your leaves, metal, whatever they value, stop cycling matter for corporate benefit, cut off these material supply lines!

  10. first thanks for sharing your opinion…
    …I’m thinking that the way in which we walk our talk says ”volumes’ more than our words can
    and talking the walk simply adds clarity
    …just a thought on this 2011 Valentine’s Day : )

  11. Lets hope our kids will think that our generation will be the most hated one -we knew about climate change and ocean acidity but we did little to stop it!

  12. @geraldcaron Cars will cost way more in the future because it takes oil to mine and transport the materials needed to build the car…..

  13. Then you could explain to the child that because the price of energy is very likely to go up, that it will have a great impact on the cost of those SUV and Mc Mensions. Now the SUV is $40 000 and gas is $4 a gallon. In the future, chances are the gas will be $20 a gallon but the SUV will be $2000. See, it would be wiser to try to focus on the employment of the future since the next generation will have a great lifestyle if the skills they have has a high value.

  14. @superbob2 Of course Jevon’s paradox is an issue. It basically says that the more efficient a society is with using a resource, the more of that resource ultimately they will use……

  15. @MrEnergyCzar I agree 100% about efficiency with resources. I for one can not understand when people turn the thermostat up to 80 in the winter instead of putting on winter clothes. I think part of the re-education process is getting people to really look at the way they live and is that cost really worth it. Is it worth having a McMansion if you are never home because you are working 80 hours a weeks to pay for it. Quality vs Quantity argument.

  16. totaly agree, then they will also likely studdy alt energy and likely want electric cars, ect.ect.

  17. very important. my parents taught me when i was very young and this is something we discuss in my house often. keep it up!!

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