Peak Oil: Debt

Video. Getting out of debt is one way to prepare for Peak Oil. Loans are given out because it is assumed that future growth and rising incomes will be able to pay back the interest and loan balance. Peak Oil and the end of growth may cause the lending of money to stop. World oil supply high demand solar how to alternative fuels global warming Peak Oil crisis understanding explaining peakoil petroleum future apocalypse end crash energy inflation gas gasoline prices unemployment fuel finance resource wars middle east war military kunstler heinberg martenson simmons save money powerdown howto Vlog preparing for peak oil solar heating array inverter homestead survival supplies sustainable living permaculture crops tips ideas tools protect family cut Saudi Arabia Libya Iran Yemen Nigeria Syria Iraq tar sands Chavez high gas prices bakken shale ethanol electric DIY Betterplace Russia clean green economy

10 thoughts on “Peak Oil: Debt

  1. I’m not trying to be a jerk but it seems obvious to get out of debt. This is like a fat man or a smoker going to this Doctor and being told you need to lose weight or quit smoking. Well most fat people already know they need to lose weight, duh.
    The hard or tricky part for most people is how and what money they are going to use to pay off debt and prepare for Peak oil at the same time.

  2. @cdltpx Scooters are fine as long as the road is fine. As the economic crisis progress, roads will, in general, become much worse in condition. Some localities around the country are already reverting back to dirt roads. This trend will intensify.

  3. I’d mainly worry about secured debt such as with a home. Anyone taking out a loan on a home should only take out a non recourse loan. This way all the creditor would be able to take is the home if one defaults. Credit Cards are unsecured, not much worry there.

  4. This may be a bit out there…but when oil passes the peak and starts to decline…the world will start to become an almost type of chaos. Do you really think lenders and what not will be throwing people out of there houses, or repossessing cars? The majority of the US will not be able to pay debt or mortgages when oil comes crashing down…and you are talking a few banks evicting 80% of the country… I agree debt is bad, but I would pay it as normal and not worry about debt when oil plunges

  5. Down south we can use a scooter to get where we need to go might be wet hot or cold with no climate control but guess what you can get where you have to go 70 mpg or better. So rail is not your only option there are other affordable options out there that you can employ. The roads are safer with less irresponsible drivers on the road think about it the most irresponsible drivers are probably going to be fiscally irresponsible unable to afford fuel. Rail towns are easy to drive when prices R up.

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