Diet Coke + Mentos = …What really Happened?

MyU2B for iPhone/iPod is simply the best way to experience YouTube on a mobile device. Just click this link to learn more. (Coming soon to Android) Thanks so much! Please follow me on Twitter, http I have made this video to say I’m sorry for my last video… Diet Coke + Mentos = Human Experiment. This will explain what really happened. Thanks for all of your concern, paul

25 thoughts on “Diet Coke + Mentos = …What really Happened?

  1. @Badgurls25 You can. Most people use Diet because it doesn’t get as sticky and hard to clean up as regular.

  2. @shawn7106 Oh my god, you’re right! … or would be if he looked anything like Robert Downey, Jr.

  3. @iluvtwilight321 I randomly scrolled down and read your comment right at the end… and the ending scared me lol

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