5 Signs of a Bad Diet (Diet & Fitness Guru)

Nothing can magically burn fat or transform your body in a matter of weeks. Find out how to spot the red flags of a bad fad diet. dietfitness.healthguru.com

20 thoughts on “5 Signs of a Bad Diet (Diet & Fitness Guru)

  1. I have to ‘tap’ my leg in order to fall asleep. Tapping the leg makes it look like I hump the bed. However without any change in my lifestyle and diet, I have had many people comment on my thighs.

    I tap my leg for about an hour altogether a day.

  2. So is the atkins diet bad? Someone please respond. Plus, I have heard that you can safely lose up to 3 pounds a week. I have ALSO heard that it has been shown that the quicker the weight loss (healthy weight loss), the more likely you are to keep it off.

  3. I’ve tried so many fads and crazy diet pills to no avail. Now, I just live an active lifestyle and eat as many fruits & vegetables as I can daily. Many thanks for this vid.

  4. If you are not drinking at minimum a half a gallon of water, going on a diet is useless.
    -Omega Blaze

  5. Wow, this is the first health video I can actually agree with given that I don’t support the definition of “good” diet according to the FDA. Well done!

  6. For those of you on wierd Diets, this video is for you. YOU NEED EXERCISE, and quit drinking sooo much soda…

  7. I think everyone wants to lose weight and everyones unhappy about their weight even if they look great

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