Total Body Pilates 5 Minute Workout – Video Try this total body Pilates 5 minute workout with Cassey Ho and Sarah Dussault. *Sponsor: New High Protein Diet – See more videos from Sarah and Cassy Special Thank You to Revolution Fitness for letting us film at their beautiful gym! Subscribe to Our YouTube Channel – Go behind the scenes w/ Sarah’s Blog- Twitter Facebook: iTunes:

25 thoughts on “Total Body Pilates 5 Minute Workout – Video

  1. iv just started doin this cant wait intill i start seeing some results thanks for the vid

  2. that was great I add a spider man pushup twist . go down for the push up , you twist and bring your knee to the opposite elbow .example left knee bring it and over toward the right elbow . ouch. and back up,the twist brings it a notch. thanks

  3. you make it look so easy! I haven´t got the guts to even try! I already know I’m not able to do this!

  4. @iLahuveToDance actually it looks like she’s enjoying herself since sarah has always said that pilates helped her lose her college weight.

  5. I was wondering if you could do a video explaining the differences between different types of exercises. Like pilates, yoga, cardio, and muscle building, etc. Like which one you should depending on the results your looking for. Thank you :]

  6. @FitnessFreak7511 Haha that’s funny because we filmed this the day after I got my voice back. It’s still a little scratchy – you can tell the diff if you look at my other vids. But thanks!

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