The Truth about Diet and Weight Loss

The Truth about Diet and Weight Loss I want to talk tonight about weight loss. It’s a subject everyone is worried about. And the problem is that diets don’t work. Everybody has tried a diet. I haven’t met a person yet that’s hasn’t tried something, from kids to people in their eighties; everybody has tried some kind of diet and they just don’t work. In recent studies when they looked at a lot of their major diets (some good one’s, Atkins, The Zone), they put them all together statistically and found a ten pound weight loss on average. Now, these people lost a hundred pounds and gained it back of course. But, all that work, all that money, all those videos, for ten pounds of weight loss? So the truth is, we have to find a life style that will allow you to stay at a weight that is healthy for you. That’s a much different way of thinking than all this crash dieting that goes on. What you have to learn is how to take care of yourself; you have to learn the appropriate foods; you have to make better choices. That’s the only way it’s going to work. Dr. Vincent Bellonzi BS,DC,CCN, CSCS, ACSM H/FI Dr.Vincent Bellonzi is a chiropractor and a Certified Clinical Nutritionist. He has been in practice for over 12 years. He received his Doctorate from Los Angeles College of Chiropractic in 1991. Since 1998, Dr. Bellonzi has practiced in the Austin area. He works with athletes at every level to provide sports conditioning and rehabilitation. He also treats multiple conditions including


25 thoughts on “The Truth about Diet and Weight Loss

  1. In fact eating 6 small meals a day is even better! So that your regular 3 meals, just cut them in half and space them out for the day 🙂 It helps you to feel full I have found 🙂

  2. HCG? I do know(on youtube) 2 very over weight women who have been using HCG drops and following the regimen, -I have been following their yo yo dieting for over 2 years, this is the first time I have ever seen BOTH of them successful in their weight loss journey-their results are amazing to see. I have stuck with post menopausal diet , less carbs for me, the better I feel, the more energy I have, and my health is improving-I remove process foods-weight-loss is slow, but steady for my age.

  3. look people this is not a heatlhy way on doing it but my friend was 278 and all he eats is this one slimfast when he wakes up then between and u can have 3 100cal+another slimfast like fruit veg etc then for dinner a 500cal meal in 1 1/2 week he lost 8 lbs and like the top 2 commets say its right it does work u just have to follow the steps it gives you and yeah its hard cause idk about yall but i fucking like food atm iam 200lb but wana be at 180

  4. I gain weight by drinking water
    damn it man, how can someone lose weight by just sitting on a chair;
    so lucky

  5. Get a good friendship with good girls
    you are the only solution for bbw

  6. Damn I’m watching this video at 2:00 in te morning. Gonna sleep now. haha and start sleeping early. haha

  7. Oh to clarify. I’m not saying exercise is bad. It’s great for people who can incorporate it into their weight plan. But personally, it didn’t work for me.

  8. The exercised part is so not true. I lost 60 pounds portion sizing my normal meals and cutting out the snacks, that’s it, end of story. And I’ve kept it off for the last 3 years. I found that when I exercised, I would justify eating more and I would actually gain weight. The key is to stop obsessing about food, live life, and find healthier non-food outlets for comfort.

  9. 10 pounds??? Try to go metric maybe inch by inch.
    c/o carsanook
    royaume de thailande

  10. Just set a goal for yourself, eat healthy with small portions and 3-6 times daily (depending on body type) and get your butt out running and sweating. I bet you it will look easier once your body has a few days (months for some)of workout.
    Avoid your sugar and try to assimilate it from fruits and raw honey (not store bought), also change your drinking habits. WATER is your friend, not soda, coffee or the other 100% juices you get on supermarkets. Make your own juice and drink it right away!

  11. Wow! Thanks for the great ideas. I think they will go very well with the program I’m using through the reallifeforhealth website. Their system is really easy to use and it does everything. They have 1000’s of different recipes to choose from and they help you build a fitness and nutrition plan that suits your goals. I’m happy that there’s no fad diets, pills, or required supplements. I’m really impressed with it, especially since they offer a free trial.

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  13. Avoid a binge the day or night!!!
    You set your body up for disaster by overeating junk foods before starting a new healthier diet. Unfortunately this is probably one of the most common moves that many people make. If you have ever gone on a diet or know someone who has, you have probably heard or experienced the “last supper” where huge amounts of food are binged on (and not usually even enjoyed) in an effort to eat as many forbidden foods as possible before they are taken off the menu.

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