The Gadget Show: Coming up Show 16

Join Suzi for a quick look at what’s coming up on episode sixteen of The Gadget Show – Monday 17th May at 8pm on Five! For more videos, news and reviews go to


25 thoughts on “The Gadget Show: Coming up Show 16

  1. this show has lost its way it just one big jaunt for the presenters,when the gadget show first started it was great now its trying to be top gear and its rubbish

  2. Suzi is lovely she left me a message on Twitter because I wished her luck on a new Radio show she was doing a pilot for.

    But come on Gadget Show can’t you do HD videos now, seems a bit silly don’t you think 😀

  3. @taymonty1 yeah it does because i have a HD monitor, my internet is more than fast enough to stream 720p or 1080p and this is the gadget show after all. even if it was HD you dont have to use HD, you can still just use 480p. but a choice would be nice

  4. @iNvidious01 i keep telling them to, they never listen, they should check out blip then they would get themselves on iTunes aswell!

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