Radical diet reverse effects of disease


18 thoughts on “Radical diet reverse effects of disease

  1. How does someone eat so little and not eventually freak out? He’s got to be on some type of appetite suppressant medication.

  2. ya…its called fasting. Been around since the beginning of time…
    “Science” seems to forget since Big Pharma has been around
    to make our laws and ideas

  3. @VictimOfBoredom
    you don’t understand, fat people will stay fat no matter what, it’s the good healthy people who fall for anorexia.

  4. How much did this guy weigh? It happens a lot when grossly obese people with type II diabetes lose a lot of weight – their diabetes often disappears too.

  5. Neuro Toxin artificial sweetener Aspartame also causes diabetes, and many other serious illnesses. Youtube…..Betty Martini. Documentary……Sweet Misery.

  6. @TrollingPhilosopher
    Wait till you see Macdonald commercials saying their new cheese cures diabetes by cutting some of the fat out.

    sad thing most will believe it

  7. Out of the 11 participants, 7 were completely free of diabetes…. 4 died.

    Seriously, this is interesting.

  8. @juliaisafilmbuff123
    oh it will, fucking anorexia is killing our generation of perfectionists i tell you what,

  9. I’m pretty sure most people will still prefer being McDonald-TV insulin junkies than running on 600 calories a day.

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