Pregnancy Diet – For Mom

Moms to be will find dozens of guidelines about what they should and shouldn’t eat while they’re expecting. Parents TV talks to an expert to find out which guidelines should be followed and why.

25 thoughts on “Pregnancy Diet – For Mom

  1. @dreamera1 its prenatal, and you have to take them as soon as you find out youre pregnant to help prevent neural tube defects and they give you more iron.

  2. this stuff my be healthy but very few pregnant follow to this due to cravings…. which you cant help during pregnancy

  3. to

    folic acid is a modified dietary supplement of folate; it has been shown to be more easily absorbed by the body than natural folate derived from fruits, veggies and dairy. it can remain moderately effective after the 12th week, so keep taking your prenatal vitamins with folate.

  4. This is very true, although it’s only useful up until about the 12th week. 😦 Unfortunately my pregnancy was confirmed almost too late to make any real use out of my prescription, but I’ve been taking it anyway because it helps build your own immune system.

  5. I dont know why some people won’t listen doctor says just bcoz that meals or drink is their favorite or can’t leave without.oh come on – once u preganant ur body changed and also the way u eating.Better stay safe and don’t harm the baby.I love Sushi like hell but since i pregnant i try to leave it and i know uncook meals/row seafoods is really not good and unhealthy for pregnant women.

  6. They are not saying that its a death sentence for your baby to eat runny eggs, they are just saying that you are running a higher risk by eating things like this while you are pregnant. There are also people who drank alcohol while they were pregnant and the babies turn out fine, but that does not mean its ok.

  7. Runny eggs? piss off, my sister had runny eggs all the time and he baby is fine, he was 9lbs 8oz, now if thats an unhealthy baby than theres something wrong with you.

  8. Nah, most nigiri sushi (which compromises most of the most popular sushi like California Rolls) has been cooked all the way before serving.

  9. Yes it is. Beer has alcohol in it…alcohol is a poison. Basically its like feeding your baby poisen…

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