Partner Abs Exercises – Video Grab a partner and get working those abs! Stephen and Sarah show you how to get the abs you want in time for the summer! This workout featured 2 moves and is intermediate. You will need a medicine ball and a physio ball! *Sponsor: Hunger Free Weight Loss – Visit Today for healthy recipes! Follow us on Twitter – Visit Sarah’s YouTube channel –

25 thoughts on “Partner Abs Exercises – Video

  1. pleas help i do abs and working hard nearly 3 months to lose fat
    i feel the result not good my waight before 78 & now 73 that good or what?
    tell me to continue or stop?

  2. @2007words Cardio is the only way to get rid of fat 🙂 You can’t spot reduce. You can “spot sculpt”, though! Meaning you can do exercises to build muscle in those areas, but you have to do cardio to lose the fat.

  3. do you have a great workout to get rid of the love handles? when i gain weight it goes straight to the hips and not the tummy so yeah

  4. I absolutely love your videos! And the ones with Stephen are a huge bonus! I’m sure I’ve like/favorited about everyone of those, including this one. Thanks again for sharing so many different exercises.

  5. Looking forward to doing a podcast interview with Mr Cabral tomorrow. I look forward to sharing the q&a session in a few weeks. It will be here before you know it, I hope.

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