Iran Uprising – The Green Movement 1-2 Democracy NOW!

Democracy NOW! DN! – Iran -Published with written permission from Provided to you under Democracy NOW creative commons license. Democracy NOW!, an independent non-profit user funded news media, recognized and broadcast world wide.

6 thoughts on “Iran Uprising – The Green Movement 1-2 Democracy NOW!

  1. @BorinquenTechTV
    Is a person arrogant because they ask a question? As to the “mirroring” this is the only channel that broadcasts the complete unedited version of Democracy NOW! I am well aware that others download the videos and then upload them onto their channels here on YouTube. They are unaware of the tiny watermark on every video 🙂

  2. @ThisBoyTV you are the last person i expect that ignorant respond ,I am asking to KNOW ,u arrogant ,why the hell are u mirroring dem now vids if u are talking side ? Ooops ! dont u know the cia put snipers in Venezuela in 2001killing dozens innocents trying to coup Chavez ? well declassified intel and many other evidence suggest is a non stop behavior ,learn about institutions like “the democracy endowment” and many others …

  3. I just saw some of those pics of LIbyans. I hope it goes better for the Iranians. The dictators don’t seem to be taking the hint though.

  4. I think the green movement have issues with the gov. because allegedly is funded by Zionist and the CIA.I am not into Iran ,I would like to know .Are they eating franker foods ? Is a gallon of milk almost $5. ?Do they have jobs for everyone with a decent pay ?Do they have ceo s making 400 times what the average worker make ? education and health care are free ?

  5. FINALLY someone who knows what the fuck he’s talking about. Fantastic analysis throughout the clip. This needs to be spread!

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