Hot Body Diet Challenge!

Visit: http://www.BodyRock.Tv to follow Zuzana’s 5 week diet challenge.

25 thoughts on “Hot Body Diet Challenge!

  1. I am also doing this, but i have a different problem. I have problem eating less than 7 meals a day; i am eating every 2 hours in smaller portions. =D

  2. super videa, Zuzko:) Cvičím pravidelně podle tvých workouts a ve fitku to sklízí úspěch… dokonce jsem potkala i slečny, které cvičily stejně jako já:) V nejbližší době si budu kupovat gymboss:) Jen tak dál, vedeš si skvěle:) Tvoje fanynka Evka

  3. Good advice. I’ve been doing this for a year now. I’ve never been in better shape. Whenever people ask my advice, this habit of eating 5/6 times a day is exactly what i suggest. 🙂

  4. wish all women would take care of themselves like this one. so many fat fucks walk around calling themselves ‘curvy.’

    I would rather have this toned goddess anyday!

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