25 thoughts on “Best Diet | Cabbage Diet | Dr. Tim Ramirez

  1. Thanks Dr. I’ll try this starting Tuesday. I also workout regularly except I took a break this winter and gained about 5lbs. 😥 I’m trying to lose at least 30lbs. Is it possible?

  2. Beef cakes think pills are delicious. I’ll believe it’s delicious when a fat person eats something and says, “Yeah, this really IS delicious.”

  3. Has anyone tried it? I can’t say it looks that good to me… and I don’t understand what’s so magical about cabbage??

  4. Great Video!
    I know you said everyone would like it however I’m not a big fan of barbecue! call me crazy! but I wanted to know if you can maybe substitute something that tastes like A1 sauce (it’s organic) me and my dad like to eat healthy but he doesn’t like cabbage soup. SO I really wanna try this!

  5. God Damn I just read Mayday ‘s comment he does look and praticky have the same voice of Sylvester Stallone !!! haha

  6. Hey thanks for the video 🙂
    How long do you have to eat this for and about how much weight will you lose?

  7. i will give you a tip and iut is upto you to investigate and understand further.dieting is all about your bodies sugar level.have low gi food and you will never feel hungry again.

  8. can u just boil it on a stove top, I grew up on boiled cabbage and was pretty tasty, but mom always used old grease (from chicken and pork chops) to season it. Obviously I would not use that for the seasoning. Would it make a difference with the cabbage being cooked in water instead of grilled?

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