25 thoughts on “5 Diet and Nutrition tips

  1. Thank you for this video.
    They are the simplest of tips, but they definitely go a long way.

  2. Ok I drink soft drinks and I am skinny and I only eat 2 meals a day and I don’t snack on anything. sometimes I eat 3 meals a day to balance my weight. I weight at least 2 times a month. do this and you will lose weight. I promise. Sugar callories are easyer to burn off than fat callories but you need to combine some fat callories. Even if you don’t excerise you will still lose weight.

  3. My favorite is number 2 🙂

    I always say that I prefer to eat my calories than drink my calories. My only exception is my breakfast smoothie. But I stay away from soda, coffee, and alcohol and all those other popular drinks

  4. 1-Exercise is good but isn’t always a contributer to weight loss
    2-Agree dont drink sweet drinks. However low fat milk is high in Sugar
    3-Fruit spikes blood sugar levels and is chemically ripend
    4-Fat is essential for every cell in your body
    5-Agree with your alcohol comment

  5. Hey Guys, ! i have a weight loss channel, so if your struggling with weight, need advice, tips etc, or just wanna say hi come Subscribe to my channel and go on the journey with me !:)

  6. @SexyLovee06 u got it all wrong,, ur supposed to add it all up so on the weekend u know how many to drink…

  7. I agree with Dr Hark.. eat properly and excerise always…..no matter how hectic ur schedules are but u must make time for ur body and take care of it and u will cherish better life with better body as well good for ur mentality too….

  8. @MrERob I think 30 minutes a day is the reccomendation … that’s what I’ve been doing anyways.

  9. you say you should exersise 3 days, but for how long each day, I have been exersising only about 15 minutes but I have been doing everyday except sunday

  10. I love the simplicity of your tips! I also have a lot of videos on this subject, but love hearing what others have to say. I will now go look at more of your videos!

  11. @paperbridgeblablahs if it’s cardio ( like running or swimming etc) generally 20-30 minutes is fine, but if you’re looking for something to do at home try power yoga or a cardio dance routine. both you can find on dvds and both will kick your ass lol

  12. how long should the three times of exercise last each?
    any recommendations on exercise that i can do at home?

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