Uhuru admits failures in budget process

http://www.ntv.co.ke Finance Minister Uhuru Kenyatta has been given the green light by cabinet to present his budget speech on the 8th of this month. This move follows and admission by the minister that he did not follow the provisions of the new constitution because of transititonal clauses that allow him to go with the processes of the old one. Earlier Uhuru had been hard pressed to explain why he did not present the estimates to parliament on time and as Brenda Mulinya reports, the Finance Minister may just have escaped with a slap on the wrist.

4 thoughts on “Uhuru admits failures in budget process

  1. Uhuru , if u a not capable u better resign . Failure of not doing ur work according to d laws is Proving u a not a gd Manager . Wakenya please let us Vote for capable ppls AND NOT ON TRIBALISTICS GROUND even and not the RICH to b MORE RICHER …These guys hav no interests of the poor wananchi his interests is in Expansion of his business EMPIRE ..

  2. Everything about him from body language to choice of words displays a man who is having a hard time trying to control of his emotions…..it might have been fashionable to talk like that when you were a youth but time has changed…you should have matured on your own as opposed to being hand picked by a dictator right to the top…..learning to behave in the lime light of the public comes with a prize and could be costly……

  3. Uhuru – the epitome of ineptitude. Clearly one of those people that my grandpa, bless his heart, used to say got their education through the classroom window (yaani alisoma akiwa nje ya dirisha…. dirisha ya St Mary’s na Amherst)

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