MythBusters – Diet Coke & Mentos

New episodes return Wednesday, Oct. 7th @ 9pm E/P on Discovery! Check out exclusive footage straight from the MythBusters’ own video cameras: Adam and Jamie explore the science behind the fabled diet coke and mentos phenomenon. Connect with us on Facebook:

25 thoughts on “MythBusters – Diet Coke & Mentos

  1. @nigafigya Bwahaha! Oh god, replying back with a whole paragraph of complete utter nonsense using complete utter grammar? HA! You so mad bro, you so fucking mad. You must be like 12 years old you fucking retard.

  2. I remember i tried this with my cousins at a 24 hour wal mart one night… We couldnt find mentos so we tried altoids… They didnt work.. So we ended up just pushing each other around in the shopping carts

  3. @MirZZi IK :d btw im from estonia and ELEVEN yrs old and i cant understand your metaphorics n stuff 😀

  4. @InfomercialRemixer youve been marked as spam, and you have less subscribers than me and i have no videos. i cant take you seriously any more. oh and your videos are trash. no one wants to hear us bicker, so please,shh. get the last word, you (your uncreative words,not mine) “fucking retard’. im just deleting any messages i get from you. i win. your not smart enough to do that,either you dont like getting the last word, or im mentally above you.i got the last word! i know that makes you mad.

  5. @dasudosomia WTF?! lol… I get to every video and a comment tells me exactly where I’ve been…

  6. The myth busters are a bunch of idiots. They tried to prove for instance that the moon landing actually happened.

  7. @DGregster the additive they use in exchange for sugar reacts with the mintos..
    and Diet Coke tastes like shit, why waste the real thing?

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