Mortgage Fraud: “Linda Green” 60 Minutes document courtroom video from NH. and …Wells Fargo is on the hot seat, claims to have wet ink note but will not answer questions of verified chain of custody of note and mortgage. Come to find out that the taint of multiple bank president and MERS executive Linda Green — of 60 Minutes fame… err… infamy is all over this case with a bogus assignment. Dear Attorney Masterson: Show us the original wet ink note that you represented you are in possession of during the courtroom audio and I will get off your back, apologize publicly and buy you a 0 bottle of Veuve your choice of vintage.

7 thoughts on “Mortgage Fraud: “Linda Green” 60 Minutes document courtroom video from NH.

  1. @ArrestAJudgeKit
    We are in the process of preparing just such an item, my brother Todd Wetzelberger is on top of that at Surefire Home Retention, know more law on it than I do, I am the media wing that publishes the results of our inquiry letters. We have several out right now.

    Also I had posted about Moratoria in Illinois I believe it is, will check those you mentioned as well and use them in my ethics complaint.


  2. So would a forensic accountant check out the phony mortgage? Since you were trained as a lawyer did title work, why not compile a list of things that a layman can look for in a phony mortgage? 1. Wet ink signature 2. Chain of ……

  3. My mistake. Tthere is one on the channel page and the rest are in his favorites.I have the same ones in my list of playlists but for some unknown reason I can’t get the playlists past 5 to appear on my channel page. I have I mentioned lately how much I hate YouTube?

  4. You should check out the videos of Sheriff Tom Dart. There is list of them on the channel page of nbesser08. This was the latest on CNN “Sheriff takes on banks over robo-signing.” This sheriff put a moratorium on all foreclosure until the banks signed an affidavit that the banks had the wet ink signature and that all their paperwork was in order. Not surprising when he announced that many bank lawyers pulled their suits from court. Criminal investigations followed the pull back.

  5. pfft…make a list, get in line, it’s rampant, put ethics in a time capsule, bury it, wake me up sometime in the future

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