Gasoline Gangsters Episode 21 Peak Oil, Gas & Coal in Europe

Europe is facing an awful financial crisis. Most economists believe this mess is due to bad loans made to second rate European powers like Portugal, Ireland, Italy, Greece & Spain. But in reality Europe’s oil and gas supplies will be almost completely depleted by 2025. In the near future it will be fully dependent on imports with no way to pay for them. It is the first peak oil domino to fall.

2 thoughts on “Gasoline Gangsters Episode 21 Peak Oil, Gas & Coal in Europe

  1. @R1chardBr0wn – I wouldn’t let the peak oil info overwhelm you…I live east of Oshawa, and I am very much concerned for my children as well. I have the same issues as well with friends…they laugh it off. You can only control your space. IMO, I believe there will be a world debt economic crisis before fuel begins to decline exponentially. With high debts levels worldwide, we will see a continuation of devaluating currencies due to fiat currencies. keep abit of gold around. Great vids!

  2. I love your videos. I live north of Toronto in Richmond Hill. I am also very concerned about the future but find it a waste of time to try and tell anyone. They will not listen and people are not going to change. The future is grim and I fear for my children. I wish I could wake up my wife and move to a smaller town where I could have some farm land and animals. The cities are going to become like mad Max. What are we to do? Even if you move out the chaos will follow….

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