David Morgan on the Financial Sense News hour 14 Jan 2011

gold-silver-market.blogspot.com for details Silver: the green metal; precious metals most likely to top in first half of the year

14 thoughts on “David Morgan on the Financial Sense News hour 14 Jan 2011

  1. “The only volatility is in the US market (currently). Watch the overnites.”
    I have videos showing day & night the prices are down on gold & silver in all currencies. It’s margin requirements in the futures contracts. They are pushed up, buying demand doesn’t go down but some positions are liquidated. The same parties come back with more money and soon they’ll get even more on the side, extra paper in anticipation of the margin increases to keep a position from being liquidated

  2. Watch any silver spot chart on any given day. Then watch the blatant crushing at the same time nearly every day (sometimes twice).
    They MUST keep the price down, or they’ll go bankrupt.
    Problem is, they’re shooting themselves in the foot.
    The longer the price is depressed, the more people buy, the more the demand will rise, the more the price will eventually go up, and the more it will cost them to settle their contracts.
    The only volatility is in the US market (currently). Watch the overnites.

  3. @urcowboyforever I understand. and I’m saying the price didn’t plummet. It is either a normal correction or the start of a bearish trend. No one can tell you why silver has gone down if it hasn’t gone down yet.

  4. @kellerj0 Look… you talk of the silver spot as if the free market sets the price. Therefore you gave me a long winded response on the basics. I know all that. There has been a “Crash JP Morgan” attempt for the last couple months and I am interested in knowing if the attempt failed as some have claimed… and as attested to silver price plummeting in last week.

  5. @urcowboyforever Compared to the Scumbags on CNBC pumping stocks which are becoming worthless due due to money printing? I’ll keep my real silver.

  6. @urcowboyforever when a stock, commodity, anything, goes down a few percent it is called a price correction and is nothing to worry about. Ask anyone who does technical analysis. All elements in all financial markets are in a constant state of flux, going up and down. What’s important is the trend. If it is going up in general, they call this bullish, If it is going down overall, it is overall bearish. Right now silver is still very bullish. check out fibonacci levels for more info.

  7. Why do they think Silver is going down? Telling us all the reasons to buy silver is just “blah blah blah” We know that crap. These guys are just silver pumpers. Never any analysis when it goes down. This video in particular is a major snoozer.. unless it is your first video on the subject of silver.

  8. @slipcurve as far as comming soon i think silvers top will be 50$ and thats like nxt 1yr or so gold to hit 1500 yr or so. so still room to make cash in short term by buying silver at 30

  9. @slipcurve gold has potential with our economy and the dollar collapse of hitting close to 5k and silver at 300-500 so they not even close to thir tops yet. and those numbers can be found by useing google and start from there or even head to peter schiff. has said gold to hit 4k -5k top and remember silver has always been 16 to 1 in gold until recent times which with its correction and its value increasing possible 400

  10. @ijustretired

    I’m in agreement with the fact that we are not on the top yet, but I’m curious as to where you get your 40% figure. Would you enlighten me? Or is it just a personal estimation?

    In nominal terms, I see no top to gold. But when it comes to buying power of an ounce of gold, it will not go up much, it might even go down in the long term, although certainly less than currencies.

  11. As Marc Faber said last year when he had a room full of hedge fund personnel- only 5% of people are in Metals- this means that there is a long way to go- previously the Chinese, Indians and the Russians were not in Play – with them in the market- we can expect a definate higher set of prices in the long term. anyway we are about 40% from the top.

  12. The mainstream has been yelling “it’s a bubble!” from when gold was 500$ and below. There comes a time when one stops paying attention.

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