The Gadget Show: Coming up on programme 13

Join Suzi for a haunting look at our Halloween Special! Monday 26th October at 8pm on Five. For more videos, news and reviews go to


25 thoughts on “The Gadget Show: Coming up on programme 13

  1. “how would you know that England (Which should be called U.K or Great Britain, unless you want to offend Ireland, Scotland and Wales) has Holloween”
    Why didnt you LOOK IT UP ON THE INTERNET!!! Its a Celtic Festival originally. It was celebrated in the U.K long before it reached America.

  2. well it is pretty obvious that this English show is talking about halloween n all that…

    i wont call u any names cos i can tel ur over sensitive

  3. what the hell this has nothing to do about tvs or receivers or dreambox this is just telling you what is coming up

  4. Never done that before but I have heard of that method. I doubt you would get the same number of channels Sky offers. There are ways to use your PC with a hacked capture card but in most cases you don’t get the same service. Like I said before, when the digital switch-over happens it will all become obsolete.

  5. hah u dnt need to pay subscription its totally free its illegal u dont pay for channels u just pay for the dreambox as a one off payment its freeview but if u chip it u dnt need subscription

  6. What are talking about. Dreambox is just a receiver box, you would still need to purchase a subscription to a digital provider. Even then in 2 years all of that technology will be obsolete.

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