Lemonade Diet Smackdown

Celebrities are usually shiny, pretty, perfect people. So when a celebrity says that they used a particular diet to be even shinier, prettier and more perfect, it is probably a knee-jerk reaction for us to want to find out how we can emulate them, and hopefully edge a little closer to the “ideal”. Michelle Pearl; fitness expert, author and entrepreneur of the FedUpFemale.com video blog debunks diet myths and fractures fitness product fairy tales. This topic: The Lemonade Diet (Master Cleanser) References for the research used this video available at: fedupfemale.com

5 thoughts on “Lemonade Diet Smackdown

  1. @emim05 I tell my clients and other people that all the time. The colon cleanses itself when you eat a healthy well balanced diet. It doesn’t need a special diet or colon cleansing supplement. My friend thinks she has to do a cleanse before she goes on her diet and there is no arguing with her! So frustrating!

  2. clean out years of built up waste….lol…that can happen if you eat raw vegetables at every meal…with a meal i meant..I researched this diet a few weeks back and it just seemed crazy to do this. Some people say they do this so that they can prepare their body for a vegan diet….

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