Pilates Leg Silmming Workout Video Get a leg slimming Pilates workout with Cassey! This Pilates workout video will help slim your inner thighs creating thinner looking legs. *Sponsor: New High Protein Diet – Search our video library at Twitter – YouTube…

25 thoughts on “ Pilates Leg Silmming Workout Video

  1. Is it just me or does the instructor one sound like the Barbie from Toy Story 2? 😀

  2. What’s better than watching one extremely beautiful lady exercise?? Watching two extremely beautiful ladies exercise!!

  3. Is it ok to do pilates leg exercises along with other leg exercises, such as squats and lunges?

  4. @zzhunnybee My pleasure! Glad I could help. I already am, your comment just made it better, thany you! =)

  5. @chavamma thanks for the great advice! i’m motivated now… we can all do this!!! Have a great day 🙂

  6. @zzhunnybee Relax & Dont be afraid just watch the fat melt right off! & That lean, finely defined muscle sculpt your body. You’ll have one of the most envied physiques! Keep up the great work, also watch your nutrition. Remember it is not the body that fails first it is always the mind, what are you willing to do today? That will define who you become tomorrow? I dont recomend running for ladies since it tends to drop the breast. So keep it at full body strength & conditioning. Stay Strong!

  7. @zzhunnybee Search for “The Secret Workout of A Celebrity” It’s a workout you can do along with Sarah in real time. Do it 3X a week 2X a day. Early morning and later evening if possible just try to fit it in twice in those days.
    I love that you’re wanting to do so much cardio however too much cardio is bad for you because your body starts eating away your hard earned muscle. So full body workouts and interval trainings is what I recomend.

  8. @chavamma awesome! but you know us ladies are always afraid of looking bulky and most of these ladies that go to the gym have thick thighs. are they missing out on lower body training? what cardio do you recommend for lower body? running? elliptical?

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