Coast To Coast AM – 21.6.2011 – 1/4 – Diet & Health

MP3 Guests: Elizabeth Plourde, Nora Gedgaudas Diet & Health: On Tuesday’s show, nutritional therapist Nora Gedgaudas argued that much of what has been presented to the public about an optimal food diet is wrong, and that for the best health people should eat more like our Ice Age ancestors did. The development of agriculture has actually led to a decline in human health compared to the hunter/gatherer societies, she said. We’re designed to eat meat, fish, eggs, fibrous plant foods, and some nuts and fruit, but not the large amounts of sugar and starch that are part of the carbohydrate diet, she continued. By eating animal proteins and fat the body is satiated longer, and doesn’t experience the dips in blood sugar seen in a carbohydrate-based diet, Gedgaudas outlined. She suggested avoiding agricultural products like soy that we’re not genetically adapted to, as well as bread, and other foods containing gluten. Gluten sensitivity has become a huge problem, she noted. In terms of eating meats, she pointed out that people only need around 3 oz. or so of protein per meal, and that too much protein can trigger cancerous processes. Moderate caloric restriction with optimal nutrition is a good approach to health and longevity, she commented, and as long as you avoid sugar and starch, you can have as many fibrous vegetables & greens as you want– cooked, cultured, or raw. Sunscreen Dangers: First hour guest, clinical laboratory scientist Dr. Elizabeth Plourde


7 thoughts on “Coast To Coast AM – 21.6.2011 – 1/4 – Diet & Health

  1. i only listened to a bit of sunscreen, she said dna evaps or something, thats what i think they want to mess up the dna and ruin any link to spirit awarness channel stargate things, Like all the food, water everything, tsa airport, chemtrails, the body is completely irrealevant, complete distraction. Its ALL about spirit. By tweaking dna, you remain the idiot that you are, no offense.

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