Ben Bernanke, Please Send Me Some Green! (Musical Comedy)

“The Vocal Chords” Quartet and Brent’s Live New Year’s Show take on the Financial Crisis. We are so screwed!

16 thoughts on “Ben Bernanke, Please Send Me Some Green! (Musical Comedy)

  1. Thank you very much for 20,000 views!

    The video was made made at the beginning of the financial crisis and it seems to have ‘struck a chord’ with everybody else who, just like us, didn’t get a million dollar bonus or free money to borrow.

  2. I like ben bernake, yeah he might be involved in some messed up shid but he seams like a smart half decent guy, and thats more than can be said about most of us.

  3. Letterman, Leno, Stewart & Colbert need to have these guys on their shows! BRILLIANT lyrics, beautiful voices, so clever & entertaining. Hopefully they are working on another clever song about the U.S. auto industry – we could sure use a laugh about that- Kep up the great work, guys – YOU ARE AWESOME!!!

  4. Greenspan was the architect of this economic mess and his bud Benny is following right in his footsteps. Greenspan should have been put out to pasture or sent to the glue factory YEARS AGO.

  5. “Ben Bernanke”

    (ching, ching, ching, etc)

    Verse 1:

    Ben Bernanke, send me some green
    Then slash the interest like something obscene
    Just drop it 2 points or even lower
    And please don’t say the leveraged party’s over

    Ben Bernanke, I need a loan
    A discount window to call my own
    Please hear me FOMC
    Ben Bernanke send me some green!

  6. Verse 2:

    Ben Bernanke, I’m in the red
    Help me like you did, Fanny and Fred
    Please make it quick, ’cause I’m in foreclosure
    Send me more checks before I lose composure

    Ben Bernanke, I need a loan
    I’m broke and hurtin’ right down to the bone
    Please send me an income stream
    Benny disinflate me my dream

    (ching, ching, ching. etc)
    (Bernanke: “Uh.. but.. uh…”)

  7. Verse 3

    Ben Bernanke, send us some green
    Some insider welfare would be peachy keen
    Just like you did for old JP Morgan
    Some BS talk will get the market soarin’!

    Ben Bernanke, hard assets to hold
    Oh please, no catfood, when we’re all too old
    Please send in the PPT
    Ben Bernanke, please send us
    Please please send us
    Please, please, send us some green!

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