The Gadget Show: Coming up on episode 2

The team take to the country side to test out phones, tents, quad bikes and even farm machinery!


24 thoughts on “The Gadget Show: Coming up on episode 2

  1. spankmywhatever & Wellgot (great screen names) – she is in the show for presenting ability. Every cunt on tv forgets their lines now and again.

  2. Yeah i have to agree with you the gaming episode with jason was gr8. and blowing stuff up is getting a bit to tiring

  3. Great show. Doesnt matter if its on channel 5. Dont know why your all moaning. All you have to do is press a button on your remote to change the channel. Is that such a problem?

  4. Come on guys, I’m tired of this “blowing stuff up” theme, why can’t you review some decent stuff! i love the console gaming episode you had with jason, how about reviewing some itouch mp3 players or PC or laptop gaming, another thing that would be good is portable mobile power on a large scale, solar panels or wind turbines.

    Great show but loose the “Jason & Suzi” blow stuff up saga, it’s boring now

  5. I won the phone in competiton last week, now I cant bloody move in my living room what with all the gadgets and boxes, its like living in a currys showroom.

  6. not agreed not the best on the tv there are better shows than this i would say the best show on channel 5

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