Linda Green!

Banks fraudulently sign mortgage documents to defraud homeowners into giving up their houses! The full 60minute episode can be seen here . Silver crosses the dollar mark on the paper price! Next silver bomb drops on April 18th, tax day!

25 thoughts on “Linda Green!

  1. @thefink68 Thanks for watching! Just posted a new video with original content. Let me know what you think.

  2. @jimbobubbadj Thanks for the heads up, I will check it out. My computer didn’t come with any video capture software.

  3. @jimbobubbadj She is in on this scam! I’m surprised she even appeared on this program. Thanks for watching!

  4. Good production BigDad!
    These criminal bankers and the document-forging kingpins (the schemers) need to be in prison! … and upon release, to be banished forever from OUR nation.

  5. @BIGBKELtheGOD Sorry to hear about your father, but he was right about this being the tip of the iceberg. When these fraudulent mortgages begin to affect the pension funds of all the workers here in the U.S. that is when you will see the real horror as savings and retirements are wiped out. Thanks for watching!


    A week ago… This documentary shows how these Banks flipped the homes like kilos. of cocaine and dope. To cover their own tracks and continue to profit they got rid of the original paper work. SMH.

  7. Years ago when Enron was exposed I remember my Father saying that it was just the tip of the ice berg of what was to come. He passed on February 19th, of 2010. I miss him dearly but in a way I feel the Creator spared him the horror of witnessing and going through what is getting ready to take place!

  8. So the chairwoman of the FDIC acknowledges the problem but does not prosecute? She is worried about people getting justice in court, about it getting out of hand? She should be enthusiastically backing people defending themselves in court, WTF!

  9. @thefink68 Sometimes a great piece, all thought rare on MSM, doesn’t get much attention on the medium that it first appeared on. Sometimes rehashing it on another medium gets it more attention. I agree with Pops here.

  10. free mac video capture software: 3ws(dot)chimoosoft(dot)com/products/captureme/

    doesn’t the operating system for apple have a video capture program included with it?

    I viewed this on 60 minutes, very informative.

  11. @suzettespencer If he’s knows whats good for him although it may be too late. He is going to have to worry about crowds with pitch forks and guillotines!

  12. They don’t mind admitting their crimes! They all got paid and our houses are gone, with little recourse towards the thieves that took them because of the level of fraud and confusion the Banksters willfully created to achieve their profits! Its Gangsterism! Thank you for posting this video!

  13. So banksters are getting massive million dollar bonuses c/o public purse to steal houses from the public. Surely its come to point that the people of US need protest on mass against the (cough) government by denying all tax payments to force reform.

  14. Feds are always investigating but never convicting. Now had you or I miss a few dollars in tax, you bet the wage would be garnished.

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