Japan vs. USA Diet, Why Japanesse Men and Women Live So Long, Nutrition by Natalie

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25 thoughts on “Japan vs. USA Diet, Why Japanesse Men and Women Live So Long, Nutrition by Natalie

  1. ….it wasn’t that to long ago that fat meant you had money to eat and survive where as skinny meant you were broke and you would most likely die soon, I see it weight as long as you don’t over do it and are happy with yourself you’ll be health, has worked that way for me so far healthy as a horse.

  2. @howiseethings 1 ramen is like for a quick snack and only a bit compared to the mcdonalds and stuff in america
    2 katsudon you don’t think that they only eat healthy ’cause almost nobody eats healthy all the time
    3sushi and i mean good quality sushi is make of fish RAW fish so it’s more protein and stuff

  3. i see people claiming that obesity is from poverty. seriously? tap water is free and healthier than coke. how bout you start with that… then go vegetarian, cos a pound of brocolli and apples fill you up better than a pound of meat, and is probably cheaper. if you’re poor you’re supposed to be working your ass off all day trying to make ends meet, not sitting in front of a tv or computer. i’m sorry but i tend to associate the word poverty with starvation, not obesity.

  4. Hate to say it but some japanese food is quite unhealthy such as lard loaded ramen, katsudon (deep fried pork cutlet on rice), and a lot of bentos have nothing but deep fried whatever in them. And let’s be honest, sushi is very high in cholesterol.
    One can live very healthy on an “American” diet by eating sensibly and one can also live very healthy on a “japanese” diet by eating sensibly.
    -Eat reasonable portions.
    -Stay away from fatty stuff.
    -Don’t eat packaged snacks.
    -Consume little alcohol

  5. @Yousmileonme fish isn’t affordable at all for many people.. what a lot of you don’t realize is that a huge percent of obese ppl are also poor people. My family of 8ppl have a weekly budget of 100-150$. fish?..pssh.. they get frozen burritos .59$ , ramen noodles .17$, cheap cereal 1.99$, corn dogs 12pk 3.25, noodles & marinara 3.50$, canned veggies .89$, etc.. fish, even cheap can be 7-10$ for a 4pk.. its not viable.

  6. this chick has the same problem that most nutritionists have.. our obesity comes from poverty.. the “favorite meal” she read off.. r u fucking kidding me?.. that meal would cost us 50$ easy…for one meal… when you have a budget of 100-150$ a week for all meals.. not happening.. that meal 50$.. frozen burritos..2.50$..THATS OUR PROBLEM

  7. @bghomedawg
    that dosent make a difference, you can buy cheap fish and still get benifets from it.. you just need to know what fish are affordable or in your budjet and search up on them and see if they would be a healthy food choice.

  8. I also eat really heathy and im overwieght and i take meds for my metabism i mean i want a fast asian metabism soo bad

  9. I think its genetics because 99.99% of my japanese friends are as thin as a rail but eat 7 forklifts of food

  10. @Chikokishi no cant be blessing because god does not exist. I’m sorry to be the one to tell you but its true its not the 16th century anymore

  11. @BrotherSkillz
    sad but true.
    what makes me mad is that some dive into the railroad tracks in rush hours especially on mondays and delays the trains.

  12. But I still don’t like raw food. Cooked is always more safe and have less germs and viruses to consume.

  13. @superdubman999 yes, it is just for you and you told me many times already. but we should to encourage american people stay with burger restaurants. burgers are very beautiful colors texture and delicious double cheese and beef. all american’s fast restaurants are very beautiful in 1900s. american people were very pride their american food that was what I remember when I was a little child. they always envy to asian foods, because asian foods wear ugly and bones chicken in soup.

  14. @superdubman999 I don’t know what are you talking about. you think you can change american people? or other word they can throw your into jail and your will bear their press as discriminational. all foods are not bad, only bad thing is that people choice their way to be bad habit.

  15. @Cougman1978 burgers are good but mcdonalds is crap. Real burgers man, not fake processed crap

  16. God gave us an adundance of variety in food with good reason. Common sense dictates that a varied diet is essential for good health, as always moderation is the key factor, especially since the Japanese diet can be very high in sodium.

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