Gerald Celente with Roy Green Show Corus Radio Network 17 June 2011

Gerald Celente with Roy Green Show Corus Radio Network 17 June 2011 Trends Journal: Twitter:

25 thoughts on “Gerald Celente with Roy Green Show Corus Radio Network 17 June 2011

  1. GUILLOTINES Have Arrived FEMA CAMPS!! ISRAEL’s Blessing… or ISRAEL’s Curse AMERICA Will Choose!!E-COLI..VISION Of The ATTACK Of ISRAEL That Is Coming! Osama Bin Laden Dead May 1,2011/Hitler Dead April 30,1945 66 Years Apart!Another 6 is coming this year.Microchip-666 in hands and foreheads.Hell is real!Middle East and Israel conflict,WWIII?-Bible Prophecy!TO NON BELIEVERS REPENT SAVE YOUR SOULS.JESUS IS COMING!Get raptured not suffer the great tribulation.LISTEN TO PAUL BEGLEY IN YOUTUBE.

  2. Greece was not angel but is not devil neither so it will be free from the banksters who used the weakness to mess the country as many other countries were victims
    What happen with a drunk man who you give to much to drink and he brake the windows. Do you put him in jail when you were the one who gave him to much to drink so he can be drunk and start destroying around. I think he is a victim but not inocent so they both should suffer; the banksters and the governments people

  3. @Whorulesnow – I hope Greece takes their country back, but I fear they will fail. The people should not have to pay for this via higher taxes, job, homes, pensions and savings losses. But to suceed, I strongly believe that they must take the wealth back from the banksters and fraudsters, otherwise they still win as they will ride off into the sunset with the people’s wealth and live a nice life in some tropical land somewhere. Their wealth must be taken back or don’t bother doing anything.

  4. @lspmd2 Incrementally transitioning to a Resource Based Economy certainly makes sense. However, blindly supporting one particular “project” that has been insignificant for decades is unwise. Fuck the Venus Project.

  5. @Whorulesnow it sounds like the situation in the good ‘ol usa of criminals and their captives(that’s us). ALL public resources are sold to us. Yet, everyone ignores their slavery status and march like good little sheeples to the bellowing horn to order of their masters (the real owners of the land). they have us by the throat already.

  6. how could you not agree with him. Unless you’re living on planet X or in a bubble, and not really have your senses intact, Celente = TRUTH, as uncomfortable as it may be. and IT IS! it stings like fire.

  7. @MrPlowboy66 That’s an interesting point, and likewise I think Wallstreet and the banking industry were behind lobbing the politicians to repeal the regulation, including Glass Steagal Act.
    I recall see a PBS documentary of how the industry was upset when some in the government wanted to regulate the derivatives.
    Both parties are liable in my view, and not only should immediately resign from shame, but should be prosecuted.

  8. The corporatist bankers are trying to enslave the whole world by getting everyone in deep debt. Then the bankers order the politicians they own (they own all of them) to fix the debt problem by cutting or entirely erasing social programs for the poor and middle class. But the debt problem is a problem the bankers themselves created! But the citizens don’t understand this! But as Celente is saying, this situation is urgent right now because the bankers are trying to take the whole world to war!

  9. Even a complete revolution would only be used to enrich themselves once again to arm the revolutionaries. We .. the people (Spoken of in the constitution ) has become a total misnomer and we are beginning to feel and endure the Wrath of Demonism at it’s worst…Maybe… just maybe..The Bible , which has predicted all this stuff ,long before Gerald and Max and Rense and Alex and ….Could be right about everything else..!!! Sure has ME thinking..!!

  10. I have come to believe that the “Elite” that have been in power for sooo long,.. the depth of that group of infrastructure “Leaders” is in fact beyond the the possibility of change. There seems to be no power or thought or action great enough to overturn that institution of utter corruption.The more in debt we are as a nation. the more protective these people and organizations become to protect themselves only.

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