Flat Abs Pilates Routine – Diet.com Video

diet.com Follow along in this full length Pilates abs workout video featuring Cassey. This video is suitable for beginners, hard enough for advanced athletes and requires no equipment at all. Enjoy this Pilates Core Workout. *Sponsor: New High Protein Diet – http://www.diet.com Search our video library at Diet.com: http://www.diet.com Get healthy Recipes: http://www.diet.com Follow on Twitter: twitter.com YouTube Friends Featured in This Video: Visit Sarah @ YouTube.com Visit Cassey @ YouTube.com

25 thoughts on “Flat Abs Pilates Routine – Diet.com Video

  1. they look so easy when you do them… i tried. i was almost die but it means that they work so…. nice workout, really!!!

  2. Thank you Sarah And Cassey! That was a great workout! All though it did hurt a little bit…feeling the burn! Hahaha…Add me. Also I would be glad if you could talk to be through youtube mail! We could talk about some good excersizes to have a healthy body!

  3. @bubbleybubble123 well its suppose to burn “hurt”. if you dont feel the burn “hurt” then theres no point on doing the exercise. the point on doing exercise is that your suppose to feel everything, in this case feel the burn “hurt”.

  4. @zaidahmed1993 I’m no professional, but as far as I know it isn’t compulsory necessarily but it IS highly beneficial.

  5. ooooh my god i love cassey!!! she talks so lovley and it makes so much fun to to it with you! pleaaaaaase more videos with her. this is the best way because you can work out while the video ! its so motivating !!
    moooore pleaaase with cassey!!!!

  6. i love the way she talks! 😀 love this .. but its so painful at first 🙂 ;/

  7. Sarah, I have followed you for along time diethealth and your channel and your website and you are amazing. So helpful and inspiring. Thnx.

    I just subscribed to Cassey’s Pop Palites page… she is amazing as well. Her workouts are just what I needed to tone. I am so glad you did this video and showed me an awesome way to tone up my abs. Thank you again. You and Cassey are awesome!

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  9. How many calories do you burn just by doing it 2?, Also its a greeeeeat work out, i think you guys should do more of these!!!

  10. Cool! I’m atendig university and I barely have time left for work out, this routine seems very good and it’s doesn’t demands hours and hours of exercise!

  11. My abs burns so much now. I’ve did it two times in a row. and omg, it is still burning like crazy. i love it! thank you!

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