Matthew Bishop & Michael Green on A New Capitalism For A Big Society | 02.02.2011

Matthew Bishop and Michael Green joined us to discuss their latest book The Road from Ruin: A New Capitalism for a Big Society in which they propose their blueprint for a new economic system that updates the capitalist model for its evident weaknesses and embraces it, rather than rejecting it wholesale. In it they argue for a new culture of long-termism in business and finance, as well as changes to both the values of business leaders and the laws governing how companies run. They also offer a new approach to financial regulation that sets out to work with the grain of human nature and to harness the enlightened self-interest of the City. Matthew Bishop is the US Business Editor and New York Bureau Chief of the Economist. He was on the faculty of the London Business School and served as a member of the Sykes Commission on the investment system in the 21st Century. He has published books on a wide range of subjects including privatisation, regulation and corporate mergers, and is a member of the World Economic Forum Global Agenda Council on Social Innovation. Michael Green is an independent economist and writer, who previously co-authored Philanthrocapitalism: How Giving Can Save The World with Matthew Bishop. He is currently working on a report for the US Committee of Concerned Journalists on how the media needs to change in response to the financial crisis. Previously he was a senior official at the Department for International Development, and taught economics at Warsaw


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