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How I try to be healthy, haha. I’m 5’8.5″, 174cm, a bit over 120 lbs, or around 55kg. I’m trying to lose a few more lbs. Tips: – Drink a glass of hot water or lemon water first thing in the morning to flush out system – Always eat breakfast, eat your carbs in the morning – Spread out meals into 6 small meals a day – No sugar or carbs for dinner, low salt for dinner – No eating 4 hours before bed time – Watch your sauces, creamy sauces are high in calories – Dinner should be the smallest meal – Count your calories, I stick to around or under 1000 a day on the weekdays when I’m trying to lose weight – You don’t need 2000 calories if all you do is sit around – Exercise Foods in my regular diet: Apples, other fruits, plain oatmeal, fat free yogurt, coffee (with cream only), unsalted mixed nuts, egg, vegetables, baby carrots, celery, rotisserie or grilled chicken, tomato soup, green tea, dark chocolate, tuna Foods I never/rarely eat: Juices (bottled), soda, artificial drinks, pizza, cheese, burgers, hot dogs, fried food, cake, cookies, sweets, chips, salty snacks, ice cream, bread My favorite foods: Hot pot, sukiyaki, shabu shabu, Korean BBQ, Taiwanese food, steak, ribs My weight loss story: Music: Mika’s Song by Yiruma Intro: Rainism by Rain

25 thoughts on “Health & Diet

  1. @theRubyRunner
    You said that I have contradicted myself, but you have acknowledged that my statements are true. That overdosing on vitamins can lead to vitamin poisoning, and that excess vitamins your body does not need will be expelled from the body. I only replied to you to make sure no one thought taking excess (“too much”) vitamins was ok. Even if you never reach dangerous levels, it’s just money down the drain (toilet).

  2. @ThatMariaKid
    I’m sorry, but your taking what I wrote out of context. I previously pointed out that I only wanted to qualify one statement, and quoted you to make things clear that that was the only thing. My intention was to speak to the general audience by replying to you, not to lecture, or accuse you of anything.

  3. @theRubyRunner
    I’m going to refer you to the documentary, “Food Matters.” I did not say to stock up on Vitamin A until your eyes bleed, i said to take your vitamins. People have different vitamin needs, and nowhere did I say which to take. You figure out what your deficit is, and you make sure you get enough of that vitamin. If you’re deficient in one vitamin, there will be no “too much” of it because your body will make use of what it’s missing and expel the rest.

  4. @ThatMariaKid
    I only wanted to qualify your statement, “no such thing as too many,” not “get your vitamins.” It’s important to remind people that balance is necessary whatever supplements or food they choose to ingest. People should look up the recommended daily intake for vitamin/minerals and what combination is most effective for proper absorption. Too much does not benefit the body. Excessive amounts can lead to poisoning.

  5. @theRubyRunner
    Use your idioms as you will, but don’t contradict yourself. The vitamins will be excreted out in your urine if you’re going to take more than you need. If you’ve got health problems from taking a vitamin, you have a bigger problem than vitamin deficiency or are missing another that interacts with it. If you overdose on something like a metal, it wasn’t my “take your vitamins” advice that did it. Some things are labeled vitamin, others are labeled mineral. There’s a reason.

  6. Omg how do you survive? 1/2 cup of oatmeal, soup, celery? This is not healthy. A healthy diet is eating 1200-1500 calories a day and doing 30-60 minutes of cardio.

  7. @carolinedinh
    Their bodies naturally let them lose fat as if it’s no big deal, while females’ hormones make them have a tendency to keep fat as if their lives depended on it. o.o’

  8. @sk123010
    The funny thing about that is that your fat and muscle are where your body can get the rest of it from. If you’re eating the right foods, the hormone that gets put out tells your body to break down the fat. If you have a calorie deficit but are still eating healthy food instead of absolutely starving yourself, it isn’t a problem until you’re underneath a certain body fat percentage–severely underweight. As long as it isn’t body dysmorphic disorder, she’s not hurting herself.

  9. @ThatMariaKid
    There is a such thing as too many vitamins! Some will cause health problems if you take too much. Others won’t, but will serve no benefit as the extra will be excreted out in urine. Too much of a good thing is still too much!

  10. salt isn’t bad for you. You need some of it because it contains sodium. It only becomes bad if you consume excess amounts.

  11. I’m 5ft6 I weight 130 pounds
    its a heathy weight and also these days lots of people like girls with alittle fat.
    I was like you when I was in highschool I was chubby I was maybe 160 pounds I started losing weight last year over the summer I sitll have arm fat and a small belly I still feel fat but its a heathy kind of fat ^^

  12. if i had your diet i would kill myself…food is just one of the most amazing things in life…and i’m not fat nor chubby!

  13. @sf2explus you’re absolutely right, if i can recommend something to add to that, cut out anything and everything that has sugar in it, i know its hard, cause i was a junkaholic, but get rid of sugar, and eat food with good fats and you’ll lose really easy, if you need to lose ALOT of weight, excercise. It’s been almost 2 weeks that i cut out all junk, sugars and wheat products( like bread pasta etc cause they have a lot of sugar in them) and i’ve lost almost 7 pounds now.

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