The Unknown Aspects of a Raw Food Diet Today Angela and I talk about toxin sensitivity, air quality, city life, and some other issues facing people on a 100% Raw Food Diet and pure life-style, Including how to find huge stones. . . check it out!

25 thoughts on “The Unknown Aspects of a Raw Food Diet

  1. Is it always warm in Vilcabamba?
    Why CAN’T you guys grow good tomatos and cucumbers outside your greenhouse?
    I can grow pretty good ones in pots on my deck in Philadelphia.
    Matt, maybe you should have worn a surgical mask when you went to the city so you wouldn’t inhale all the pollution. I bought an industrial face mask for when I clean out the cat’s little boxes. Maybe you should get one too.

  2. I’m sorry you guys are getting harassed, keep your chins up, and remember that you are on the right path if you have distractors! 🙂 peace, love and light~ 🙂

  3. Question for the two of you, or anyone really.

    I work in an office at a University. The office will be painted next week with a low VOC latex paint. I seem to be the only person concerned with the toxic off gassing. I asked that the painters use fans and hang up a plastic sheet so that I won’t be over exposed. Any other suggestions for what I could do to protect myself? Short of staying home that day. Keep in mind I’m already raw whole food vegan. Thank you all!

  4. HAHAHA,I love you guys!!! You MAKE MY DAY!!! I love to watch the both of you!!
    Check out crystal shows, My friend had a picture of himself,standing next to a massive quartz the size of him!!He was hugging it!! Crystal shows in california!!!

  5. LOL
    What was that all about…
    Love it.
    Hair, What hair? – lol
    Keep up the good work..

  6. I think you all have a loyal audience and it’s good to nurture that and remember that your audience watches you, gives of their time, because the need to hear what you have to say, and want to learn from you (otherwise..why would we bother?). I think you should focus on your audience and what you are trying to achieve here and push the rest away. Talking about it only takes away from this and is distracting

  7. Can I come live with you for awhile? I have a remote job, would love to just hang out, help out and learn everything I can about raw foods.

  8. I honestly could care less on your hair or any looks……I love ur videos and you both have helped me so much!!! I have been Raw for 4 months and loving it!!

  9. What Matt said made me think. We can go without eating just as long as our bodies are getting the nutrients. It’s the nutrients that we hunger not food. Food is just what the big corporations want you to think that you need, like medicine. Buy LOTS of food & while your at it your feeding toxins into your body, so what do you do? Go to the doctors! This lady who I follow she says we look at kids from third world countries & we pity them, when in fact we should be the ones who are to be pitied.

  10. I think people have lost what our bodies are meant to do and how it is suppose to eat, I was watching a documentary on skin and how we have lost sight on our bodies natural functions of the skin and the connections you have with people. All and all it just opened my eyes.

  11. Matt, I love, love, love your hair! Mine is very similar if I don’t blow dry it out straight. Keep being the wonderful you that you are!!

  12. Oy! Don’t pay attention to the haters and the negative vibes Matt! You and Angela are really on the right track and promoting very positive and healthy ways of living.

  13. Lol Did I say that I think your hair looks absolutely lovely Matt? Like Billy Joel said “don’t go changing to try to please me.” lol Don’t do it Matt! Cause we love you JUST the way you are…..and Angela too 🙂 xoxo

  14. Thanks for coming back. you two have become a part of my journey. Matt, you are funny, passionate. Thanks for sharing. I am on day 60 juicing, and have never gone THIS far, so I cannot imagine where you are, yet, can see it off in the years to come. Block the negative, save the energy for you and Angela!! peace and love

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