Q&A~Hair*Diet/Fitness& More~

Thank you for watching and all of your wonderful comments! xoxo Lisa Today I am Wearing: Skin79 BB Cream, BBrown Illuminating Compact Foundation Natural 4, Bare Minerals Haute Pink Blush, Guerlain Pressed Meteorites, G Armani Master Corrector 1, Cle de Peau Beige Eyes:Laura Mercier Wheat, Kevyn Aucoin Making Faces Collection Vol 1, Chanel Noir Cake Liner, Estee Lauder Sumptuous Mascara, Dior Blonde Brow Gel Lips: Le Metier Rouge Lip Liner and Buxom Gloss in Princess Nails: Finger Paints “My Art Belongs to You” Fragrance: BondNo9 Coney Island and Fire Island


25 thoughts on “Q&A~Hair*Diet/Fitness& More~

  1. Lisa you seem like such a nice down to earth gal, and I always learn so much from watching your videos. I never comment on your videos but today I felt compelled to let you know that I thoroughly enjoy watching you, and thank you for all that you share with us your subscribers from fashion to tidbits about your family, it all makes for a very enjoyable way to pass a few minutes of my day. xox Nora

  2. I am so in agreement with you Lisa…Life is for living and eating is so much a part of family time and sharing..I also think what a bore for a man to have a woman who just wants to sit in front of a lettuce leaf. That and it is sooo aging to par yourself down to the bone. I know my body would look better if I exercised like mad & lost about 5 pounds…but my face wouldn’t. I tried it and I look 10 years older! In the battle between bum and face…my face wins!

  3. Haha, I’m such a Diet Pepsi fiend. I don’t like the taste of water too, but my body tells me when I need it. I do drink diet pop like it’s water though lol. I like your diet system…trying to be careful during the week. It is so much more realistic than no carbs, nothing processed, & counting calories. It’s so limiting and honestly for me, being a miserable size 2 is much worse than a happy size 6-8 (my size). I love you, Lisa…your videos always make me happy :).

  4. Oh thank you for doing this video… make more plz… since I know you need to dust, vacuum, wash etc …and you still always look so put together

  5. Wow, I like the ootd, especially the ripped jeans. Your body is perfect, you don’t have to loose another pound. As you say – it’s not that flattering to be too skinny when one are over 40 as it makes the face look older. You are glowing Lisa, from inside and out.

  6. You eat pretty much the way that I do. I try to watch the bad carbs during the week and then I’m more slack once or twice a week. With doing this my blood sugar and cholesterol did go down. I’m 59.

  7. You are a sweet women I love watching you! You’re so right being too thin losing too much weight in neck & face will age a women after a certain age! My mom 62 has a friend looks 10 yrs older than her cause she’s so darn thin!

  8. Great idea about the shoes and wearing them when you get your hair done. I carry my heels with me with flats on. Then before I go into to work or some place where I want to look nicer I switch my shoes. I have to park quite a ways away from work and there are a lot of hills so walking in heels can be hard on the feet. Thanks for sharing.

  9. I cannot wait to hear your mom video-I feel like I respect the way you talk/think about your children and your hubby! I have two little ones and am pregnant and love to “get ready” but would love some extra tips. Love your diet mentality too….life is too short to be stingy about food:)

  10. I always do my hair at night too, I find it really convinient because I never know what or when somrthing will come up during the day 🙂

  11. Beep Beep!!! lol, roadrunner on the TV behind you Lisa! Thanks for sharing, you sound very active and your diet has lots of variety which is the best way. It has to fit into your lifestyle, otherwise it just makes people miserable. I love to walk too and ride my beach cruiser bike. Love the bras, great tips! Oh ya, I got my St. Kilda’s ring in silver, I am so loving it, my most comfy ring of all time. xoxoM

  12. Lisa, you should do a recipes vlog or something!! I’d love to learn some southern cooking meals and I’m sure others would too!! or a shopping on the go video! Can’t get enough of your videos girl

  13. Oh, that Bridgey is so cute!!! LOL I really loved this video of q and a’s!! Getting to know you, your likes, dislikes…those muffins sound wonderful..do they mail order them? LOL I hate diet drinks – and I don’t do well with art. sugar except prob. sacchrin. I am a big fan of Weigh Down by Gwen Shamblin…no specila diet foods, no counting cal.s or fat grams, no specilal foods, no dieting….and lost alot on it. Loved everything! Thank you for sharing. Sweets are my weakness!!

  14. Lisa~I hate plain water also girl & I have started drinking the MiO drink flavoring…has no sugar or calories & 1 little squirt gives the water so much flavor!

  15. Hi. what is Quaker low sugar oatmeal – is it a porridge or is it like a cereal. We may have it here but know it by another name.
    Great Video.
    Take care

  16. Yay Dt Sundrop! I live in the only city yet that still bottles sundrop in the old glass bottles! you haven’t had dt sundrop until you’ve have one in a glass bottle!!! 🙂 So funny to hear people talk about Sundrop that don’t live here now that it is a national drink! 🙂 Thanks for the videos Lisa, I truly enjoy every one!

  17. You are such a good mom, and such a sweet person. I love hearing your opinion, Thank you for being personal with your viewers and letting us into your life in a sense- I’m sure I’m not the only girl you are a role model for. Also, you are so right about eating as a family/bonding together. It’s good that you aren’t stigmatizing food in front of your children, esp. Brooke. I dont have kids, but I am looking forward to your upcoming video 🙂 Love your shoes, too!

  18. Honey I hear ya on the family bonding eating thing. It would be a whole lot easier for me to lose those last 10-15 lbs if I wouldn’t have to prepare/order a separate meal for myself! It feels like punishment, doesn’t it?! If you want to take a break from diet soda, try brewing some flavored iced tea or make some lemonade and put stevia in it. Awesome video and you look thin and gorge as usual:)

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