Cardio Pilates Exercises Get your heart pumping with these 5 cardio Pilates moves featuring Cassey of Pop Pilates! *Sponsor: Hunger Free Weight Loss – Visit Today for yummy recipes! Follow us on Twitter – Visit Sarah’s YouTube channel – Visit Casseys YouTube Channel – Check out Sarah’s Blog –

21 thoughts on “Cardio Pilates Exercises

  1. C’mon Sarah, you can do the big boy pushups……….you look great though. Love those workout pants!

  2. @biniaminamerica these are the kick ass workouts, in case you didn’t notice, if you keep doing them you’re going to be pleased with the results, just saying

  3. Hey,

    Huge fan of your work, you do a great job. If you want to check out some health and workout videos, check out the EmpowerYourBody channel.

    Be well, Alycia

  4. possible you can show as some kick ass workouts. Enough of the Pilates, but thanks for all your hard work. Just saying.

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