Can green economic growth fight financial and climate crisis? Can we benefit from the current financial and climate crises? In theory, green economic growth seems the solution to tackle both crises at the same time. However, in practice tensions between different interests prevail.

6 thoughts on “Can green economic growth fight financial and climate crisis?

  1. I’m not that important and well spoken than you are. I just think there are bogger problems, FAR bigger problems than “co²” and how one can lower their emission by 20.5% and as a side effect make some billions of € with this bullcrap. Now have fun, enjoy the next “Light-out-hour”, and hug a tree every day.

  2. Also, there is something to be said about this talk of coordination.

    Let us hope that coordination means exactly that – coordination and not one-size-fits-all policies, down to the minutiae.

    Europe is incredibly diverse. Some broad lines of action must be established – with no opt-outs for anyone, I’m thinking of the UK and Denmark – but some solutions must also be found at the national and regional levels.

  3. The big question is: in the EU and in the rest of the world, when business interests and environmental priorities collide, and collide they will, who will come out on top?

    We all know the answer to that.

    Even if the EU as a whole succeeds in generating an institutional consensus and in fostering “green growth” at home at the expense of short-term growth, there will always be a Mandelson opening up markets to the non-green competition and effectively boycotting such efforts.

  4. Jeez, greedy people make movies like “Inconvenient truth” or “Schindler’s list” and dumb people believe everything they see there!

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