Coming Up on The Gadget Show Road Trip Special

The Gadget Show is back for a special one hour programme on Friday 30th January. The presenters are on a road trip testing tandem bikes, wifi and 3G, the best travel gadgets and mobile gaming. Here’s Suzi with a sneak preview. For more news, reviews and videos from The Gadget Show then go to


25 thoughts on “Coming Up on The Gadget Show Road Trip Special

  1. 1-Copy and Paste this message to 8 other videos
    2-Go to your channel and look at you background.

  2. Has anyone seen the episode where they are on buggies. The bald guy has a little mario cart style buggy that i want but carnt find it!!!

  3. So there is going to be no more Dallas?

    As a viewer I think that adding new presenters is a bad idea, I want you to stop blowing everything up (things that don’t claim they can survive an explotion) and go back to serious gadgets reviews to help us decide what to buy. Im never going to explode my digital camera, some of the things are pointless. And I could swear you have taken pictures blown them up to a massive size and hung them on buildings twice now

  4. Oh no, the annoying Otis and yet more sodding cameras.

    “Hey Jon, fancy reviewing cameras, phones, then more cameras, then tvs, more cameras, more tvs and more phones? Get to it, after reviewing these cameras”.

  5. I had just got used to dallas and now you change him for some other guy, whats the point, I hope its not oatis from cbbc cos he annoys the hell outta me

  6. Yes, please go back to three presenters! Bravo never messed with the line-up, you shouldn’t either Five!!!!

  7. Why do they always add and take new presenters! WE LIKE JON, JASON AND SUZI, Stop adding morons to the mix.

  8. The fact that i am replying to this should prove that we do:). We love to hear all your comments so keep them coming.

  9. Question!! You dont really read all of your comments do you? Thats like many hour job for each video!

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