17 thoughts on “The Gadget Show: Coming Up Programme 11

  1. I cant watch the Gadget Show Anymore it’s forgot what it was about a long time ago, Do they even bother reviewing things anymore?.

    If want to see a tech Review i can find a lot better here on YouTube.

  2. I really HATE spiders, I don’t understand how mainstream shows think it’s ok to just spring them on you. Hello I’m not the only aracraphope (sp?) it’s not like I’m the only out here.

  3. @airjaff Agreed, there are too many presenters on the show anyway, it should be three tops on a show, four is okay, but five? It’s just silly.

  4. @airjaff I wouldn’t say it’s her fault, but recently the show just isn’t as good as it used to be, not sure why :s

  5. pollyanna needs to leave this show, she doesnt have the right personallity, plus she doesnt know much about tech. she only knows what her script tells her. the show has lost something about it since she joined, Sorry but this is what i think

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