The Gadget Show: Coming up on programme 15

Join Suzi for a quick look at what’s coming up on the next Gadget Show – Monday 9th November at 8pm on Five. For more videos, news and reviews go to


20 thoughts on “The Gadget Show: Coming up on programme 15

  1. Suzi I gotta ask( and I will on Twitter also) but what are you wearing on your legs? I’m watching on my iPod but it looks like yer wearing tights with your legs a kimbo!it looks strange!( good!!!) but strange

  2. there’s a really cool gadget called a remote control that will change the channels on your telly – it’s really cheap and can be found at the less expensive shops for the poor people

  3. i wish that one time they would hshow the coolest pointless gadgets that poorER people can buy

  4. I think the competitions are awful. It’s insulting, it’s a gimmick when with the money they could do so much more, morally and intellectually.

  5. The thing is with the Gadgetshow, it doesnt feel that long, like TopGear feels long and they fit alot in, but on the Gadgetshow it doesnt seem as good as they show tell you on YouTube, and it makes me jelous to see them using loads of cool new Tech that might not even hit the UK 😦

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