25 thoughts on “The Gadget Show: Coming up on programme 1

  1. thats what a public forum is all about. being in the public eye, she must expect criticism. and my original comment is still true. she’s a slut. she knowingly wore skimpy clothes and lett he camera man film her legs in a suggesting way. whats that got to do with gadgets???!!!!lol

  2. And the fact she’s a human being who could well see these comments. She has been through a lot over the past year!

  3. You keep defending this woman as if she were a deity. Just a below average T.V presenter who knows exactly how to use sex as a ploy for more ratings.

  4. @McSlushy1, well she does the jjob well, everyone loves her on the show, there’s no need to replace her because YOU don’t find her as attractive as a big breasted page 3 slut.

    She’s doing just fine 🙂

  5. yea but.. couldn’t they find a better looking presenter? she was supposed to be the hottie…

  6. @PlaceOfOrigin you HORRIBLE little man. You disgust me, Suzi is no slut. I imagine your comment will be deleted soon.

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