FumeFx + Krakatoa Particle Plasma.


(Took a good amount of time to get this video working with youtube, sorry if i spammed your Subscription box.) So, worked on this effect for a whole day and i really liked the way it turned out. First i started with a FumeFx simple source that shot a high velocity burst of smoke into the container, simulated that and created a particle flow around it using a few million particles. Then i used Krakatoa to cache those particles into my hdd. Then i messed around with the KMC or “Krakatoa Magma Flow” editor to use velocity vector as a variable for color generation for each particle, higher velocity = blueish color which then turns into red as the speed decreases. And there you have plasma kind of looking thing. I like it. (I still need to practice rendering + compositing of Krakatoa particles though…)]]>


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