<!–[CDATA[ BALCONYTV DUBLIN 3 PRESENTED BY PAULINE FREEMAN Finally, a rock n roll band is here to reignite todays music scene. The pissed off and bored generation are crying out for a band that has got something to say, whose songs they can relate to, a band to represent them. There hasnt been anyone with such conviction since The Clash. Its time for someone to lead the way into a new era. Enter Krakatoa. Hailing from south east London, they have built up a devoted following who sing along to every word with unbridled passion. Influenced by all of the great music down the decades, Krakatoas sound is raw yet diverse. Reminiscent of The Beatles, The Kinks, and The Clash, Krakatoa effortlessly shift moods, whilst still maintaining their unique rock n roll sound. Having recently played a series of blistering London shows, and various gigs around the UK, its only a matter of time until they hit the top. This band demands to be heard!! Tune in again tomorrow!!!]]>

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