Krakatoa: The Last Days, Clip 2 – Ashes (HD)


Full Screen Version: From the BBC docu-drama, “Krakatoa: The Last Days.” The movie is also known as “Krakatoa: Volcano of Destruction” and aired on Discovery Channel. The movie brings to life the journals and recollections of four witnesses who survived the cataclysmic eruption of Krakatoa in August of 1883. This segment features Captain Lindeman’s account on the ship, Governor General Loudon, at sea on the Sunda Strait in which Krakatoa resides. The ship, owned by the Netherlands Indies Steamship Company, served as an excursion vessel and mail steamer, based out of Batavia (present day Jakarta), Indonesia. Hot ash and small particles of pumice that Krakatoa had spewed into the atmosphere began to fall in great, continuous amounts, blanketing a wide area over the surrounding sea and coasts, hiding the sun as if nightfall had descended. Ash is dangerous everywhere, which can start fires and make the exercise of breathing extremely difficult, but more so to vulnerable ships on the open sea as Captain Lindeman is about to find out. Read Captain Lindeman’s very informative in-depth account of his ship’s survival through this catastrophic event: Survivor Diary — Capt. Lindeman Note: There’s NO DESTRUCTION in this one video out of the series. I included it because ash is a major component of a volcanic eruption. This clip shows Captain Lindeman’s wisdom in keeping the ship afloat. If you want to see the full docudrama, you can catch it on ]]>

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