Krakatoa: The Last Days, Clip 3 – Loudest Sound


Wide Screen HD Version: From the BBC docu-drama, “Krakatoa: The Last Days.” The movie is also known as “Krakatoa: Volcano of Destruction” and aired on Discovery Channel. The movie brings to life the journals and recollections of four witnesses who survived the cataclysmic eruption of Krakatoa in August of 1883. The Beijerinck (Beyerinck) family leaves the village of Ketimbang, Sumatra for their hut situated on higher ground further inland, along with 3000 survivors on August 26, 1883 after a tsunami struck the village earlier in the day. The family arrived at their hut around midnight and settled down, exhausted but relieved, believing the worst was behind them. The next day, August 27, four enormous explosions occurred early in the morning about one hour apart. The northern two-thirds of Rakata Island, one of the three islands which comprised Krakatoa, had collapsed. The last explosion was the loudest sound in recorded history, and was heard as far away as Perth, Australia. Its sound pressure level was at approximately 180 dBSPL at a distance of 100 miles (160km). To imagine its impact, the human threshold for pain is at 134 dBSPL and short-term effect hearing damage can occur at 120 dBSPL. If you would like to read Johanna Beijerinck’s in-depth account of her family’s survival through this volcanic catastrophe, please visit: Survivor Diary — Johanna Beyerinck If you want to see the full docudrama, you can catch it on Discovery Channel ]]>

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